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Mes lettres d'hier importantes à Paul Hellyer


From: Pierre Girard  

Sent: Friday, January 14, 2011 6:33 AM

Subject: Steven Greer's book "Hidden truth - Forbidden Knowledge


Hi Paul


Yesterday, I've began to read the Steven Greer's book "Hidden truth - Forbidden Knowledge". I have to tell you that it was the first time that I bought a Steven Greer's book. 


I have to tell you that I've stopped to read it at not more than 20 pages (moins que cela) after the introduction for the reason that it is clear to me that this book is a real poison wrote by a man who betray himself or have been betrayed by extraterrestrials with spiritual problems or by some dark or very immature entity(ies). The book, which is actually destroyed and in the garbage outside of my place to protect myself and my family, appear to me as dangerous as certains books of alchemy or magic, tainted with Mr Greer's spirit who think himself a God like Maharishi Mahesh, Dalai-Lama and others very incorrect personage like them who want to possess others in their egoistic self-centered universe. It is certainly caused by fabrication (word "fabulation" in French) while he was very young with so big problem in its life, so he certainly create in himself is own universe from fabrication.   


It is clear to me now that Steven Greer is a poor dangerous man in touch with dangerous fallen or not spiritually mature extraterrestrials who convey dangerous belief about themself, the universe and the nature of God and of the spirit. In French I generally name these type of belief "the gaïa's new-age believers".


Since I was reading some part of its book, specially the part concerning its spiritual belief that he try to bring us to it strongly, I felt myself (my soul and consciousness) strongly suck up by its dangerous predator's spirit, and, I even had to go to the bathroom and sprinkle myself with cold water for my soul and consciousness come back in my body and stayed as totally as possible, conscious and righteous. This mean to me that everybody who read this book became tainted (or possessed) by this kind of dangerous spirit and I am certain that many person without a solid faith like you in Jesus who read this book, could easily felt in this trap and suffering of that for all their life.    


To me it was important to tell you my opinion about this book and about what I accually think about who is Steven Greer. Naturally, as I write you this letter in English, I do not have the best words to tell you what I try to tell you and why. I hope that I have been understood correctly.   


Take care Paul


Pierre Girard    




ALIENS are DEMONS, says "Luis Elizondo former Director of the Pentagon's UFO Program"

Vidéo : Not in my letter to Paul Hellyer - Pas dans ma lettre à Paul Hellyer 



Cette vidéo est aussi sur mon compte Bitchute ici



From: Pierre Girard  

To: Paul Hellyer Sent: Friday, January 14, 2011 7:42 AM

Subject: Re: Steven Greer's book "Hidden truth - Forbidden Knowledge 2




This question concerning Steven Greer support what I think since a long time ago which is : that they (the secret governement composed by extraneans ans humans) will try to betray all the people of the planet with important extraterrestrials events who will come to save us and our planet from been destroy by us. Another big lie. Good extraterrestrials who come to teach us how to do things to save our planet and how to think concerning spiritual question. So, who come to possess us by driving us in the bad direction, in a direction with a god who is not God. 


It is not grave. If this arrive, it will only serve as a lesson of "what not to do". The people attracted by this kind of hazardous way, probably need to see by themselve before to follow the way of the Master Spirit (Spirit of Truth of Jesus).  




PS: Paul, if you send me a reply, please tell me clearly if you accept that I share it openly... 



From: Pierre Girard  

Sent: Friday, January 14, 2011 9:47 AM

Subject: Re: Steven Greer's book "Hidden truth - Forbidden Knowledge 3




What happened is a battle between what is real and what is unreal (illusion). The best way to understand the side of the predators in this battle is by understanding why gurus need followers in their sect. It is simple, it is because without followers, they got absolutely no power. They need to possess the energy of others who give their confidence (so their spiritual energy) to a guru to be strong (in appearance). The guru is the master of the energy of these souls and so, he can act in the creation for enlarge its ego trip and try to get more and more power on the back of others.


What Steven Greer do with all these gurus who convey the Veda's teaching like Maharishi Mahesh and Dalai-Lama and a lot of others gurus and personages of this kind, is working for the side of the ego trip of the predators who search to be the master of the Creation by the way of USING THE ENERGY OF ALL THE CREATURES OF GOD TO FIGHT GOD HIMSELF what is an impossibility in itself but a prison for all the creatures which let these predators decide and think for them. What I felt yesterday when I was reading the Greer's book was this powerfull false spirit OF ALL THE CREATURES TRAPPED IN THIS SOPHISM AND BIG LIE who tried to possess me for the benefit of their own WAR against GOD and its believers. Yesterday I have not been too much contaminated because I stopped to read it quite fast and destroy the book, what is important to do that because it give to my subconscious the clear message that this way of doing is really not good. It is important to understand that the field of the battle is our unconscious and the collective unconscious what done that we become more mental than spiritual, what is dangerous. If we understand that, we are saved. The major error of the people with the spiritual question is that they believe that entering and travelling in the unconscious part of themselves is entering and travelling in the real spiritualised domain. Here is the big mistake that I think humans and also extraterrestrials need to understand. It is very important to understand that extraterrestrials are not better than us concerning spiritual affairs.


This is why, the most secure way to grow in spirituality is by doing a good life with good values, step by step and one day at the time...      


Take care                  






----- Original Message -----

From: Paul Hellyer

To: Pierre Girard  (old email)

Cc: Serge Ménard - député Ottawa ; Montreal 911 TRUTH ; Michel Chossudovsky ; PaulCraigRoberts@yahoo.com 

Sent: Tuesday, January 25, 2011 3:00 PM

Subject: Re: Paul Hellyer- Steven Greer's book "Hidden truth - Forbidden Knowledge...


Dear Pierre:

I am very sorry that you decided to read Hidden Truth: Forbidden Knowledge before you read Disclosure: Military and Government Witnesses Reveal the Greatest Secrets in Modern History which I think you would have liked and found easy to understand and useful.  It is more on the idea of the kinds of things that the United States government is keeping secret from both the American people and from the world.  Hidden Truth: Forbidden Knowledge is really only useful to people who have spent a lot of time studying ufology and the reports of the various species from other star systems that have been visiting planet earth.  As you will know from my book there are several species and each one is different, just like various races on this planet are different and have different beliefs.


As far as Steven Greer is concerned however, I have to say that he is a very honourable and courageous man.  He has tried to remove the veil of secrecy from what the U.S. government knows about the extraterrestrial presence and technology, the back engineering that has been done to duplicate much of their technology, and the agendas of both the visitors and the United States military.  For this he has been subject to constant harassment over the years and there have been several threats on his life. 


I am sure that the Vatican would not be as surprised as you have been by reading Steven’s Hidden Truth.  As you know, they have been preparing people for the “new reality” for quite some time.  First, Monsignor Balducci gave interviews to people like my friend Paola Harris, and had his own radio show talking about some of the hidden truths.  Then the chief astronomer for the Vatican made a public statement in support of the idea of extraterrestrial life.  Finally, the Pope himself made a public statement in Spanish that was not widely reported but which supports the idea that the Vatican is trying to prepare people of the Catholic faith for a very big paradigm shift in some of the beliefs that they have held sacred for centuries.


There are some weird and many wonderful discoveries about species from other places.  Just remember that they are all part of God’s grand design for the cosmos and we have to learn to accept them as part of the “broader reality.”  So please don’t be hard on Steven Greer.  He deserves your praise and support. 


With every best wish.


Yours sincerely,



>De : Paul Hellyer [mailto:pthellyer@gmail.com]
>Envoyé : 28 décembre 2017 16:50
>À : Pierre Girard
>Objet : Re: Pasteur Dean Odle : UFO aliens deception


>Hi Pierre:

>I don't think it is that simple! There are many species. Most of them worship the Creator. One or two are the ones who are working for the other side.






Thank you for your reply


In 2010, I wrote you for the first time because of my belief concerning extraterrestrials. 

Few time after, I related you my personal experiencing (with my wife) concerning my 2004 encounter with 5 or 6 (supposed) extraterrestrials with a white skin like milk.

Tell me why this little group disappeared suddenly and fast while I start looking for their spiritual light because I wanted to know if they were enlightened with a real good (or evil) spiritual light.

I will tell you why. It is because they were not bearer of the light of God and Christ, the only real light. It is as simple of that. They didn't want that I see their real light, and I am certain that they already knew that I have the talent… the God’s gift with which I could see their real light, or the kind of light enlightened them.


In 2011 when I had the Steven Greer’s book in my hands and I was reading it, what happened is that I saw Steven Greer in demonic kind of buddist space doing what I describe as extremely demonic, and more, this  was so strong that I must to be extremely strong and connected to the real light to support this so strong dark force which tried to swallow my soul and mind out of my body. Do you really thing that a good person would do that? Only stealer do things like that. Only demonic person do this kind of horror. I didn’t wrote you this in 2011, but as you know that I had an encounter with the archangel Gabriel in 1992 because you have read my 24 of September 2001’s letter to G. W. Bush, but, I tell you now that the archangel Gabriel was here at home for I start to read Steven Greer’s book that I had since about one month without having begin to read it. This fact is very important because it is certain that there was a reason for such a important visitation concerning Steven Greer’s book. I am certain that Gabriel knew that I would wrote you after having understood the kind of so vile personage, that Greer is in reality.      


Think what you want about this poor guy, but you are doing a big error with Steven Greer. He is not the good person you think he is, and I am 100% certain of that. The only way for him to be saved is that he recognize Jesus as the way, the only way and the only truth and this have nothing to do with these extraterrestrials you never met or saw yourself personally.


I have one regret concerning you (but may be it was the Celestial Father’s will that it be like that, what is very possible) it is that I am the sole responsible of the fact that you bought the book “The Urantia Book” because I invited you often to read this book and because of the quotes from it who was in my activist emails often. 


De : Paul Hellyer [mailto:pthellyer@gmail.com]
Envoyé : 24 mars 2017 20:17
À : Pierre Girard
Objet : Re: The ET's Our Father - ET encounter in 2004, Gabriel 1992 (…)


Hello Pierre:

I have the Urania book.

All I need is time to read it.




Tell me Paul, where in the Bible, it is wrote that there are extraterrestrials?


The Bible only speak about the reality of the fallen angels and their humans followers conducted and possessed by them  who deceive and attack us, what Steven Greer tried to do with me by trying to stole my soul in 2010 by the way of the words wrote in his book which also carry its own deep state of mind and spirit, certainly because this man want to be very powerfull.


Paul, it is my conviction that it is the time for you to deeply recognize the Jesus from the Bible as the only way and as our saviour who died to wash ourselves from our sins, for we can have the eternal life with him in heaven, if we recognize Him as the way and the only truth.



* * *



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Disclosure | Gaia




Ceci, en bas, fut expédié par courriel en février 2016



Podesta est aussi dans cette liste


Lien source : http://www.paradigmresearchgroup.org/Rockefeller_Initiative_Documents.htm





1917: Le plan d'une fausse attaque extraterrestre

1966: la pollution programmée pour servir les plans diaboliques du NWO

De : Pierre Girard
Date : 24 février 2016 à 15:19
Objet : 1917: Le plan d'une fausse attaque extraterrestre - 1966 : la pollution programmée pour servir les plans diaboliques du NWO
À : "Justin Trudeau, Premier ministre du Canada" <
justin.trudeau@parl.gc.ca>, "Mme Jane Philpott, ministre de la Santé du Canada" <Info@hc-sc.gc.ca>, Gaétan Barrette <ministre@msss.gouv.qc.ca>, sophie.durocher@quebecormedia.com, richard.martineau@quebecormedia.com, isabelle.hachey@lapresse.ca, jdecarie@lapresse.ca, Ariane Krol <akrol@lapresse.ca>, chantal.guy@lapresse.ca, "Christiane Clermont (La Presse)" <cclermont@lapresse.ca>, hbaril@lapresse.ca, "Hervé Kempf - reporterre.net" <planete@reporterre.net>, info@lautjournal.info, Internet Le Devoir <internet@ledevoir.com>, jbegin@lapresse.ca, jlachape@lapresse.ca, laura-julie.perreault@lapresse.ca, marie.allard@lapresse.ca, mathieu.perreault@lapresse.ca, mcassivi@lapresse.ca, mcroteau@lapresse.ca, Michele Ouimet - La Presse <mouimet@lapresse.ca>, mlortie@lapresse.ca, "Nathalie Collard (La Presse)" <ncollard@lapresse.ca>, pierre.foglia@lapresse.ca, pjournet@lapresse.ca, plagace@lapresse.ca, redaction@ledevoir.com, redaction@lequotidien.com, redaction@lesoleil.com, rima.elkouri@lapresse.ca, "Salle de nouvelles (Rédaction)" <jdm.transmission@quebecormedia.com>, Stéphanie Morin La Presse <stephanie.morin@lapresse.ca>, tommy.chouinard@lapresse.ca, tristan.peloquin@lapresse.ca, vincent.marissal@lapresse.ca, yves.boisvert@lapresse.ca, Le Droit - Patrick Duquette <pduquette@ledroit.com>, Le Droit - vlessard <vlessard@ledroit.com>, Le soleil - Gilbert Lavoie <glavoie@lesoleil.com>, La Tribune - Isabelle Pion <isabelle.pion@latribune.qc.ca>, La Tribune -- Jean-Francois Gagnon <jean-francois.gagnon@latribune.qc.ca>, La Tribune - Jonathan Custeau <jonathan.custeau@latribune.qc.ca>, La voix de l'est - Karine Blanchard <karine.blanchard@lavoixdelest.ca>, La voix de l'est - Maxime Massé <maxime.masse@lavoixdelest.ca>, Le Droit - clamontagne <clamontagne@ledroit.com>, Le Droit - gstpierre <gstpierre@ledroit.com>, "Le Droit - Jean Gagnon (éditorialiste en chef)" <jgagnon@ledroit.com>, Le Droit - jmercier <jmercier@ledroit.com>, Le Droit - mabelanger <mabelanger@ledroit.com>, Le Droit - Marc Brassard <mbrassard@ledroit.com>, Le Droit - mcomtois <mcomtois@ledroit.com>, Le Droit - nouvelles <nouvelles@ledroit.com>, Le Droit - pgaboury <pgaboury@ledroit.com>, Le Droit - sstlaurent <sstlaurent@ledroit.com>, Le Droit - ybergeras <ybergeras@ledroit.com>, Le soleil - Brigitte Breton <bbreton@lesoleil.com>, Simon Gagné - Le Soleil <jsgagne@lesoleil.com>, Tribune - Rene-Charles Quirion <rene-charles.quirion@latribune.qc.ca>, - Julie Levesques <crgjulie@yahoo.ca>, - Maja - Global Research <crg.online@yahoo.com>, "- Micheline Ladouceur - mondialisation. ca" <crm_crg@yahoo.com>, "Josée Blanchette (Le Devoir)" <cherejoblo@ledevoir.com>, Nathalie Roy <nroy-mota@assnat.qc.ca>, Richard LeHir <richardlehir@videotron.ca>, "les7duquebec@gmail. com" <les7duquebec@gmail.com>, Alain Therrien <atherrien-sagu@assnat.qc.ca>, Alexandre Cloutier <Alexandre.Cloutier.LSJ@assnat.qc.ca>, André Villeneuve <avilleneuve-berh@assnat.qc.ca>, Carole Poirier <cpoirier-homa@assnat.qc.ca>, Dave Turcotte <dave.turcotte-saje@assnat.qc.ca>, Diane Lamarre <Diane.Lamarre.TAIL@assnat.qc.ca>, François Gendron <Francois.Gendron.ABOU@assnat.qc.ca>, Gaétan Lelièvre <Gaetan.Lelievre.GASP@assnat.qc.ca>, Guy Leclair <guy.leclair-beau@assnat.qc.ca>, Harold Lebel <Harold.Lebel.RIMO@assnat.qc.ca>, Jean-François Lisée <Jean-Francois.Lisee.ROSE@assnat.qc.ca>, Lorraine Richard <lorrainerichard-dupl@assnat.qc.ca>, Maka Kotto <Maka.Kotto.BOUR@assnat.qc.ca>, Martine Ouellet <Martine.Ouellet.VACHON@assnat.qc.ca>, Mathieu Traversy <mtraversy-terr@assnat.qc.ca>, Nicolas Marceau <Nicolas.Marceau.ROUS@assnat.qc.ca>, Nicole Léger <Nicole.Leger.PAT@assnat.qc.ca>, Pascal Bérubé <Pascal.Berube.MATN@assnat.qc.ca>, Stéphane Bergeron <Stephane.Bergeron.VERC@assnat.qc.ca>, Sylvain Roy <sylvainroy-bona@assnat.qc.ca>, Véronique Hivon <Veronique.Hivon.JOLI@assnat.qc.ca>, "Guy Ouellette - Parti Libéral, QC" <gouellette-chom@assnat.qc.ca>, "Hélène David - Parti Libéral, Qc" <ministre@mcc.gouv.qc.ca>, "Karine Vallière - Parti Libéral, Qc" <kvallieres-ricm@assnat.qc.ca>, "Kathleen Weil - Parti Libéral, Qc" <cabinet@midi.gouv.qc.ca>, Luc Fortin - Parti Libéral <Luc.Fortin.SHER@assnat.qc.ca>, "Marie-Claude Nichols - Parti LIbéral, Qc" <Marie-Claude.Nichols.VAUD@assnat.qc.ca>, Pierre Karl Péladeau - Candidat à la chefferie du Parti Québécois <info@pkp2015.quebec>, Mario Dumont <mario.dumont@quebecormedia.com>, "Bernard Descoteaux - Directeur, Le Devoir" <bdescoteaux@ledevoir.com>, lmaalouf@lapresse.ca, daphnee.dion-viens@quebecormedia.com, Isabelle Maher <isabelle.maher@quebecormedia.com>, "Petrowsky Nathalie (La Presse)" <nathalie.petrowski@lapresse.ca>, Amir Khadir <akhadir-merc@assnat.qc.ca>, renseignements@assnat.qc.ca, -Michel_Chossudovsky <crgeditor@yahoo.com>, Pierre Karl Péladeau - Député de St-Jérome <Pierre-Karl.Peladeau.STJE@assnat.qc.ca>, "M. 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Cc : "Paul T. Hellyer" <

Le plan machiavélique du Nouvel Ordre Mondial pour un fausse attaque extraterrestre afin d'unir toutes les Nations, fut présenté la 1re fois, en 1917 par le marxiste John Dewey

 L'utilisation de la pollution environnementale programmée, pour servir les buts du NWO, fut élaborée en 1966


Interview radio de William Cooper - L'arnaque extraterrestre VOSTFR


https://youtu.be/D2_-Cw7fuMM (ENGLISH VIDEO)

Note : William Cooper fut abattu en novembre 2001.

Radio Host William Cooper Predicted 911 June 2001 and Killed November 2001




PDF : stopthecrime.net/docs/Report_from_Iron_Mountain.pdf


Report From Iron Mountain,
Part 3


Substitutes for the Functions of War: Models


The following substitute institutions, among others, have been proposed for consideration as replacements for the nonmilitary functions of war. That they may not have been originally set forth for that purpose does not preclude or invalidate their possible application here.

1. Economic. a) A comprehensive social-welfare program, directed toward maximum improvement of general conditions of human life. b) A giant open-end space research program, aimed at unreachable targets. c) A permanent, ritualized, ultra-elaborate disarmament inspection system, and variants of such a system.

a. Political. a) An omnipresent, virtually omnipotent international police force. b) An established and recognized extraterrestrial menace. c) Massive global environmental pollution. d) Fictitious alternate enemies.

3. Sociological: Control function. a) Programs generally derived from the Peace Corps model. a) A modern sophisticated form of slavery. Motivational function. a)Intensified environmental pollution. b) New religions or other mythologies. c) Socially oriented blood games. d) Combination forms.

4. Ecological. A comprehensive welfare program, or a master program of eugenic control.

5. Cultural. No replacement institution offered. Scientific. The secondary requirements of the space research, social welfare, and/or eugenics programs.



Notez que la vidéo originale avec sous-titres est intégré plus bas 

page 51 PDF : stopthecrime.net/docs/Report_from_Iron_Mountain.pdf







 William Cooper : l’arnaque extraterrestre : 

Lors d’une interview radio d’un certain William Cooper, celui-ci nous raconte qu’il y a de très nombreuses années, en 1972, il était assis à son bureau, à environ 4H30 du matin, au quartier général du commandement en chef de la flotte du pacifique. Il mettait en ordre les informations qui lui étaient parvenues depuis 24 heures dans un ordre logique, afin qu’il puisse préparer un briefing qui devait avoir lieu plus tard ce matin-là avec l’amiral et son équipe.

Parmi les papiers qu’il trouva sur son bureau, se trouvait un document intitulé « Opération Majorité ». Et ce n’était pas le compte-rendu complet qu’impliquait cette opération, mais seulement un synopsis des opérations et des projets en découlant. Un de ces projets s’intitulait « Projet Lumière Rouge ».

L’intention selon ce document était « d’étudier la technologie extraterrestre capturée, afin de l’adapter au programme spatial des Etats-Unis d’Amérique ». William Cooper en est alors arrivé à croire que cette partie extraterrestre était un non-sens, mais que cette technologie était réelle. Selon lui ces documents ont été montrés à plusieurs officiers au long de ces années, afin que plus tard, ils en parlent entre eux.

Comment pourrait on garder secrète l’existence des extraterrestres ? Et comment des personnes pourraient continuer à se taire en sachant qu’elles ont vu des documents officiels du gouvernement, libellés « Top Secret » qui exprimaient le fait que ces extraterrestres étaient réels et avaient visités la Terre ?

Lorsque William Cooper a voulu savoir quelle part de vérité il y avait là-dedans, il a commencé un programme de recherche afin de savoir si les extraterrestres étaient réels. La première chose qu’il a faite, c’est de réunir chaque morceau de documentation qu’il pouvait trouver.
Ce qu’il a trouvé est stupéfiant : il y a eu un plan en existence depuis environ 1917, et probablement avant ça, de créer une menace artificielle extraterrestre sur la Terre, afin de créer un gouvernement mondial socialiste totalitaire.

Un des premiers documents trouvés par William Cooper est une citation datant de 1917 de John Dewey qui avait déclaré que « quelqu’un a remarqué que la meilleure façon d’unir toutes les nations sur ce globe serait une attaque de la part d’une autre planète. Et que dans le cas d’un tel ennemi étranger, les gens répondraient avec une unité sensible d’intérêt et d’intention ».

Ainsi, l’idée des extraterrestres serait une manipulation politique et gouvernementale vouée à orienter le regard du peuple sur des ennemis lointains et inconnus dans le but de leur faire oublier les menaces internes et de mettre en place des stratégies politiques, pour que certains groupes de personnes parviennent à prendre le pouvoir.

Si ce que William Cooper affirme est bien réel, alors cette découverte remet en cause tous les événements politiques et paranormaux de ce dernier siècle ; et nous amène une réelle inquiétude quant à la nature et au but ultime de toute cette manipulation mystérieuse.

Visionnez directement selon sa vidéo encore disponible juste en bas :


Puisse Dieu vous éclairer pour que vous trouviez le courage de vous informer afin d'agir au mieux...


Pierre Girard –

P.-S. J’ajoute que Carol Rosin qui a travaillé avec Wernher Von Braun affirme qu’il lui aurait dit que

leur dernière carte serait la fausse menace extraterrestre :  


Visionnez dans la vidéo en bas...




Mon échange courriel avec Paul Hellyer, ex-ministre de la Défense du Canada et vice Premier ministre sur le sujet de Carol Rosin :

----- Message d'origine -----

De : Paul Hellyer (ex ministre de la défense du Canada et vice-Premier ministre)

À : Pierre Girard

Envoyé : 13 septembre 2011 13:03

Objet : Re: You certainly know Dr Carol Rosin


Dear Pierre:

    Thank you for your letter of September 8th.  It is much appreciated.  You ask how I am doing.  The answer is that I am doing very well except that I’m overwhelmed with work, trying to keep up with the volume of correspondence, and still have a little time for writing and trying to educate people on the absolute necessity of changing the global financial system before it is too late.


    Yes I do know Carol Rosin, in fact I know her quite well.  I had dinner with her in Scottsville, Arizona last February when I was there to make my big speech “Global Fraud: Global Hope” that has been circulating widely in many countries.  I also agreed to join her board of advisors in the effort to obtain a treaty banning the weaponization of space.  You will find that I included it at the bottom of the list of things on the action plans that you can find on www.victoryfortheworld.net  


    I was interested to read about your prophecy (une vidéo).  It is not good news but it seems that we humans are very slow learners.  We could save ourselves a lot of trouble if we just learned to listen and to obey God’s law that we treat other people the same way that we would wish to be treated if the roles were reversed.  That law is common to most of the major religions but is practiced by very few of us.  Instead greed and the lust for power seem to dominate our ambitions. 


    In addition to working on the monetary problem, I have another goal for 2012.  In my book Light at the End of the Tunnel, under the heading “Religious Agenda” I suggest a conclave or big meeting of some kind bringing together people from the five major religions with representatives of some of the smaller ones in a year of forgiveness and reconciliation.  We have to forgive and try to forget the terrible things that we have done to each other in the past and start working together to build the kingdom of God on earth.  It isn’t easy to get people to cooperate but there are an amazingly large number who wish to participate in such a venture.  So keep well, Pierre, and continue to pray that we humans will start obeying God’s will on earth as it is in heaven.











LE CHEF-D'ŒUVRE TROMPEUR DE SATAN a modifié notre perception de la Terre, du Créateur, et où il est.


(...) Vidéo de 35:17 min.



VOSTFR - INVASION EXTRATERRESTRE - PAPE FRANÇOIS va négocier un traité de paix avec ces ENVAHISSEURS (vidéo de 19:13 min.)

La Plus Grande Tromperie de tous les Temps Exposée! Les extraterrestres ont besoin que nous croyions que la Terre est une planète, un globe, sinon tous sauraient vite qu'ils sont des démons...

• Des Nazis à la NASA: le Vatican règne ...

• Les Jésuites et la Contre-Réforme

• "LUCIFER" et la Venue du Christ


En bas, à 8:07 de la vidéo https://youtu.be/qRXnmmrY6Vo?t=487


LE PAPE GLORIFIE LUCIFER qui serait Dieu, & le Christ serait son fils (à Lucifer) - 27 avril 2014... - vidéo de 2:33 min.



Téléchargez cette Bible avec réflexion d'Ostervald : http://pierregirard.org/Bible/Bible_ostervald_1744.pdf

Visionnez ma vidéo sur cette Bible


Que la grâce du Seigneur Jésus soit avec vous tous.